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Discover rising talent, listen to Musicians, News, Celebrities, Comedians, Politicians, Poets, Tech and much more...

Share your own voice with the world - record whatever you want, add images and voice filters.

Easily share your posts on your other social networks, create Voice-Tweets, and bring your Facebook images to life.


- Record what's on your mind and share with friends or the world
- Add voice effects to make your voice even more unique
- Add images to your posts and capture moments
- Create Voice Memes and tell a story
- Listen To Your Feed – Hear your favorite people, friends and celebrities
- Invite your friends from Facebook, Twitter, and your Address Book
- Comment, like, repost, and share your voice posts on your social networks
- The only social network you can safely use on the go!
- FORD Owners: Sync HearMeOut with your car Entertainment System