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Do you think you are a pro of the skateboard? Have you tried to challenge the most advanced skaters in town to check if you are good enough to compete with them? If you are passionate about skateboarding, this game is for you! Prove yourself in this amazing game! Master your technique to have no rivals! Take your skate and start training to become a skateboarding star!

Join the masters of the skateboard in this simulation game where you can test your skills and learn from the real masters of the skate. Become one of them and place your name among the skaters. Train dodging all the cones and completing the different rutines. Follow the advice of the masters and get ready to perform your best freestyle tricks. Show off your skills in these circuit and have hours of fun challenging our masters. Win the races skating in this stadium! Prove you were born to be one of the masters of the skateboard!

Start running with the Skateboard Masters!
- Enjoy the training racing with your skate in the city.
- Compete against different skaters and win your place in the podium.
- Perform your best freestyle tricks and show off your skills!
- Avoid all the obstacles to win your rivals!
- Amazing graphics and intuitive controls!
- Share your achievements with your friends and show them who is the next skateboard master!

Are you ready to be in the podium of the Skateboard Masters? You were born for this! Grab your skate and start running! Do not miss a minute and start racing! Play now!