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Play as “Molusco” as he continuously runs forward while jumping hazards, eliminating enemies, and rebuilding the debris left by the storm. Collect communication tokens to increase your score and help illuminate Puerto Rico!

The game features:

MOLUSCO. Run as Molusco, as he stars in his first mobile game!

REBUILD. Tap the “hammer” icons to rebuild the destruction in your path and advance the illumination of the Island.

SKILLS. JUMP over hazards, eliminate enemies with Molusco’s BELLY SMACK attack and unleash Molusco’s special power, JOYITA POWER.

LEADERBOARDS. Collect communication tokens and challenge the world to show who’s the better runner, in the ENDLESS RUNNER MODE.

BEAUTIFUL 2D GRAPHICS. Speed through the destruction over stunning 2D art.

DONATE! Earnings from the game will go towards Puerto Rico No Está Apaga’o (Puerto Rico Is Not Spiritless), a non-profit led by local entrepreneurs who decided to unite their resources to help in the recovery of Puerto Rico. You can increase your donation by using the link in the Options Menu.

About this game:
8bit Bosses Studios began development for this game on October 2017, following Hurricane María’s aftermath. We are Puerto Rican developers who are determined to rise above, and by partnering with the like-minded team of Puerto Rico No Está Apaga’o, we share the goal to bring assistance to where it's needed the most.
Find out more about the Movement on the official site -- https://molusco.com/apoya-english

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