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The Official HennyMoji App gives you access to Henny lifestyle themed emoji stickers!

Categories include:
-Emoji stickers with your favorite adult beverage
-Party themed stickers
-Designer fashion and beauty themed stickers
-Luxury cars
-Adult themed emojis

Works in all messaging applications where the copying and pasting of images is supported. Includes integrated QWERTY keyboard. New trendy emojis will be added so download HennyMoji!

HennyMoji is compatible with iOS 10 and above.

Please contact with questions or press inquiries.

Hennymoji will NEVER collect, record, or transmit personal information in ANY circumstance. Turning on "Allow Full Access" is an iOS requirement for a 3rd party keyboard. All emoji content can be accessed within the App should you not want to install the keyboard.

Hashtag - #HennyMoji
Instagram - @Hennymoji
Twitter - @Hennymoji
Facebook - @Hennymoji